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With Wenche Krag Beard

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About Yoga Life Retreats

Wonderful Experiences That Will Stay With You Forever!

Hello my name is Wenche. I run Yoga Life Retreats and the Yoga Life Studio. The Studio is based in Eastbourne, on the south coast of England. The Retreats take place in the UK and around the world!

All Yoga Life Retreats include first class yoga, are set in stunning locations and are accessible to everyone. Each retreat provides an opportunity to discover yoga or dive deeper into your practice. We welcome beginners and more advanced yogis alike. Through the retreats we want to offer you a wonderful experience that will stay with you forever! Our ethos is to share the joy of yoga. For us it is life.

To let you know more about me, I was born in Norway, moved to Los Angeles and am now settled in England. I am qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga and have, since 2000, developed my own practice, dedicating my classes to the journey of life. Through our yoga we dive into the depths of our selves, experiencing ourselves more deeply, becoming sensitized. Through yoga I work to help others to live bravely, joyfully and passionately, to free themselves from barriers and restrictions, so that each of us can be true to who we really are.

I realised a long-held dream when I opened the Yoga Life Studio in 2007. The Studio offers a wide variety of yoga styles as well as meditation and mindful living classes. We have a growing team of wonderful teachers as well as running workshops led by acclaimed teachers and healers from around the world. For more information about the Yoga Life Studio follow this link. I also work in a private gym in London, as part of an amazing team of personal trainers, where I offer a bespoke practice to clients.

The body is so beautiful, live in it! If we listen to the poetry of our body we become touched by the magic that is alive within us, not just some of us but ALL of us… we just need to find it… to connect with this mysterious awareness of shimmering energy that undulates through our inner universe and moves us into action. Dive into the flow of living magically, saturated in joy, expressing a whole hearted experience of yourself.

I look forward to sharing Yoga Life with you soon,

Wenche x

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