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Sunshine, Sailing & Yoga


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Globe of Greece created by TUBS and released under Creative Commons 3.0 licence attribution, share-alike

Santorini, Greece 

A Magical Island You Will Never Forget


The stunning volcanic Island of Santorini has become one of the ‘hottest’ destinations in the world.

After running Yoga Holidays for 8 years at this very location I can truly say that this Island and its people will give you a memorable experience to treasure forever, and for many like me; they keep coming back again and again!

Santorini is a unique half moon shaped island in the Southern Aegean Sea. Santorini is also known to be one of the most beautiful of the total 6000 Greek Islands; and is essentially the remains after an enormous volcanic eruption, which took place around 3600 years ago. The volcanic eruption destroyed the original Greek landscape leaving now the jaw-dropping views of Santorini and the Caldera (caldera means a large cauldron like shape, a circular hollow which remains after a volcano falls in after an eruption).

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Santorini is not just known for its breath taking views. The volcanic soil and climate of Santorini have become famous for its unique wine’s. What was an enormous force of nature has not just created this exquisite beauty, but also a soil, which has proven to be the perfect foundation for growing its unique wines. The volcanic soil and the humidity from the Aegean Sea is the secret ingredient’s (no watering systems are used, just the humidity), which attracts wine lovers from all over the world.

Santorini has the perfect climate and winds for sailing and is renowned for its luxurious catamarans and sailing boats. Experiencing the beauty of this Island with the most stunning views from the crystal clear waters of the Aegean has become a favourite for many.

The stunning and world-renowned sunsets will seal your time on this magical Island creating a mind-blowing experience as a whole.


This might be the most exquisite jaw-dropping Yoga Holiday of a lifetime. Myself and Santorini; promise you the most unforgettable experience; leaving you feeling totally rejuvenated and energised. This Yoga experience will take you to a different dimension. I will layer our time together on the Yoga Mat taking you to places you might never have been before in your body, heart and life.

August temperature’s are average of 27C but with the Santorini winds feeling a little cooler. The Aegean Sea will hold a temperature that feels warm yet cooling and with a short walk from your home in Santorini the sea is a popular destination.

The wonderful heart warming people of Greece, the food and stunning scenery makes this location this the perfect destination for your retreat.

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This is a week for you to indulge in first class yoga, sun, sea, and the most awe-inspiring views across the caldera.

You will be waking up with the sun for your morning Yoga, a nourishing practice setting you up for the day. Your morning will be followed with yummy Geek breakfast (Greek yogurt with fresh fruits drizzled with local honey my favourite).

Your breakfast will include fresh baked bread, local fig jam, eggs, Greek Yogurt and honey and fresh fruit salad, as well as cheeses and tomatoes from the local garden.

You will spend your days by the pool or one of the many beaches reading your favourite book, unwinding and recharging your batteries. Highly recommended is a wander around the scenic streets of Oia (where there are no cars), Sailing the Caldera, Wine tasting, hiking the edge of the Volcanic Island to Skaros, watching the unforgettable sunsets.

Relax, sip a dry white wine and admire the views of the Caldera.

The Local Area

Santorini is one of the most dramatic Greek islands for scenery with it’s little white washed towns perched on the sides of steep cliffs overlooking the great volcanic crater and crystal clear sea known as the Caldera.

We will be staying at the very cute and comfortable Pelagos Hotel. Pelagos has a purpose built Yoga tent, large lush swimming pool, beautiful bar and restaurant area where our wonderfully smiley staff of Pelagos is there to take care of your needs…the hugs are recommended.

The famous village of Oia perched on the most northern part of the island. Oia was devastated after an earthquake in 1956 and now rebuild into a stunning village famous all over the world for its picture postcard scenery and sunsets. The white washed ‘cave’ houses are nestled into the hillside of the volcanic rock.

Oia has become a ‘high end’ destination and all the luxurious shops and restaurants will for sure tempt you…

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Nevertheless there are plenty of original and resenable restaurants and tavernas where you will fine the local Greek food; often acomanied with local Greek music.

Oia is only a short taxi drive from Pelagos.

Skaros Rock Imerovigli was considered the most important of 5 castle fortresses. Now Skaros is a popular hiking destination and sunset spot with just the old ruins of the castle. In the medieval times Skaros had a vibrant population complete with a castle known as Epano Kastro, which means upper castle.

Skaros Rock and the village of Imerovigli are located between Oia and Fira, now Santorinis capital.

Imerovigli is quieter then Oia and known for many of its luxurious cliff side hotels with their own private hot tubs; a very popular honeymoon destination.

Fira is the capital of Santorini, still on the caldera side of the island. Fira has a variety of shops and restaurants to explore. Here you will find more ‘touristy ‘ kind of shops and prices are slightly less then in Oia.

Some beaches are walking distance from Pelagos and a dip in the sea is often a daily activity for some.

There are no pure sandy beaches on Santorini, but its red, white and black volcanic beaches, attracts thousands of people each year, and being known for the rugged and volcanic landscape is worth a visit.

The Santorini beaches are composed by volcanic sand and pebbles, and there are plenty of them along the cost of the island.

There is the famous red beach, which has black and red pebbles and the water here is said to be warmer then some of the other beaches. Right by the red beach the white beach is located and can be reached by a boat.

Katharos is the most local beach to Pelagos. This is a more quite and tranquil beach, with black pebbles and crystal clear water.

Other popular activities to be explored in Santorini are the stunning cave dives, sea kayaking and horse riding. All these activities can be arranged through Pelagos.

Car hire or quad biking is also available.

There is so much to do here, but most of all its important to take time out to relax and switch off…maybe your favourite spot will be right by the poolside at Pelagos being pampered with a massage or two from our very special Greek massage therapist!

Your Yoga Experience

This Yoga Holiday is suitable for all abilities. So if you are new to Yoga or more advanced in your practice we will make sure you get the most out of your time on the Yoga mat.

The week will have a focus on the elemental aspects in yoga; and a mixture of the traditional Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Restorative practice, breath work, Pranayama practice, loving touch with hands on adjustments and deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra.

The week’s Yoga Journey will start with the more traditional Hatha Yoga, breath awareness and hands on adjustments. We will then link each pose into each other weaving the whole practice together in a unified state of flow with the breath leading the way.

You will explore Hatha Yoga as the base work and foundation to then unfold naturally into the Vinjasa flow practice.

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This leads into an exploration of our fluid body, and for many this type of practice helps to relive stress and tension in body and mind in a easy and effortless way.

As we learn more about the elemental aspect of Yoga we dive deeper into ourselves and our lives; exploring what I call ‘living’ yoga. We bring ourselves and our lives onto the mat and our yoga and its benefits into our lives thus having a positive affect on how we choose to live, becoming more present and then making the right desertions towards a happy, calm and healthy life.

After 17 years of teaching I have developed a unique way of teaching and exploring yoga. I have learned from many amazing teachers, all being an inspiration to me, and they are all credit to my teaching style which i truly love and believe in and I am sure you will fall in LOVE with it to!

Your Yoga Space

The Yoga space is a large purpose built ‘tent’ with openings along the sides to keep the gentle breeze flowing. The yoga space is located right in the middle of our wonderful little Greek apartments; so only a few steps from your door.

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On some days we also start the morning with a short walk to a local white washed blue domed church (I call it the mama mia walk lol) where we practice in the great outdoors with the beautiful view of the Aegean Sea. This place is just stunning and the deep peace that is felt there is almost tangible.

The yoga space is equipped with yoga mats, blocks, belts and bolsters so you don’t need to bring a mat; but if you prefer to practice on your own mat bring it along!


Your home for the week will be at the beautiful Pelagos Yoga hotel. It has Greek style white washed little houses with domed roofs we have single, double and triple rooms available.

All of the apartments have a small kitchen area with a fridge, bathroom, comfortable sleeping area a outside area for you to relax and soak up the sun.

We also have a beautiful large pool and pool area with a bar and restaurant where you will have our staff on hand Antonis and Marcus, serving drinks, lunches, dinners or snacks all day each day…and always with a big smile!

Your home is set at the bottom of the hillside just outside Oia.

The hotel is surrounded by vineyards, olive trees; a beautiful vegetable garden where most of your tomatoes and vegetables will come from. All this nature creates a tranquil atmosphere for you to totally unwind in.


It is said that real Greek food must be eaten in Greece. The Mediterranean is the home to sun, sea and delicious food and has been said to be the best diet in the world. Greek food being known for its spices, feta, Greek yogurt, honey, fresh fruits, olive oil, vegetables, beans and brown rice creates a variable diet where almost products used are locally grown. Some of the most famous foods are the Santorini fava, tzatziki, stuffed sun ripened tomatoes, vine/grape leaves stuffed with rice mix, tomato fritters, courgette balls, moussaka, gyros and of course the famous Greek salad.

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For those with a sweet tooth there is the delicious bakalava and for coffee lovers the frappes or the original Greek coffee for a little pick me up!

Your taste buds will for sure come alive as you indulge in a taste or two of the Med! Your breakfast will include fresh baked bread, local fig jam, eggs, Greek Yogurt and honey and fresh fruit salad, as well as cheeses and tomatoes from the local garden.

Lunches and dinners available every day until 10pm at Pelagos. For those who will adventure out to explore restaurants and local Tavernas there are plenty of options.

 *excluding flights, special early bird price.

To secure your place there is a £500 (non-refundable) deposit required upon booking


 There are 3 price options based on your accommodation:

Accommodation in triple room (shared accommodation): £795, per person

Accommodation in twin room (shared accommodation): £995, per person

Accommodation in single room: £1,395, per person

 How to travel

 You will be flying to Santorini (Thira) National Airport –

There are several airlines flying to Santorini such as Easyjet, Norwegian air and British Airways from all UK airports.

I recommend booking your flights early as the flight price do tend to go up closer to the summer.

Transfers will be arranged for you to the hotel when you inform us of your travel arrangements, but not included in the price

 What’s Included?

  • * 7 night’s accommodation.
  • * 2 x 1.5 hr daily yoga classe (with 1 day off)
  • 7 mornings Greek style breakfast by the pool.
  • 1 evening meal at the hotel on our second night.
  • 20 meter stunning swimming pool
  • Spacious and shaded yoga space.
  • All yoga equipment provided.
  • Your breakfast will include fresh baked bread, local fig jam, eggs, Greek Yogurt and honey and fresh fruit salad, as well as cheeses and tomatoes from the local garden. Lots of fun and laughter!
  • A breathtaking 11km hike from Oia along the edge of the Caldera to Skaros in Imeriovigli where we will have a meditation as we watch the sun set in the sea. This hike is so beautiful, taking inn scenery that will leave you speechless.

 What’s Not Included?

  • Flights
  • Transfers
  • Insurance
  • Lunches
  • 6 evening meals
  • Excursions

Additional excursions organised to create a full taste of Santorini


Take a stole through the local vineyards surrounding Pelagos to the small and quaint award winning winery of Domaine Sigalas.

There will be an informative short introduction of the vineyard history, its grapes, vines, soil and climate making this wine so unique.

The scenic location of the winery you will live the total wine tasting experience whilst watching the sun set over the vineyard.

There is also a wonderful food menu for those who choose to stay on for supper.

Day and time will be arranged on our holiday week as it depends on availability.

Price arround €20

We will start our hike from the outskirts of Oia walking towards Skaros along the edge of the Caldera in a moderate pace. This I a hike where we will take our time absorbing the famous landscape and views stopping for photo opportunities with the lovely back drop of the Caldera and Aegean Sea.

The walk will start around 5pm leaving us time to arrive to Skaros for sunset. After the sun has set we will have transport arranged taking us back home.

Please red more about Skaros under the headline ‘the local area’.


This is a wonderful experience where you will be sailing the crystal clear Aegean Sea.

Whilst our captain takes charge of the sailing; you will be spoiled by our very helpful and fun staff making sure you are having the best experience possible.

Relaxing on a luxury catamaran and be wined and dined doesn’t seam like a bad idea right?!??

The trip is a half-day excursion where we get picked up at the hotel and taken to the harbour where our captain and catamaran will wait for us. All well on board we embark on the journey around the caldera taking in the stunning views from the sea. We will be visiting the hot springs, pas by the volcano heading towards the red beach where we will anchor up, have yummy lunch prepared for us…a dip in the sea or just soaking up the sunshine on deck.

Please note that lots of fun and laughter may take place …even a little dance on deck!

The price includes travels to and from the port, half-day excursion lunch and free drinks

Price from €145

A fantastic experience!


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