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With Wenche Krag Beard

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Wenche has opened my mind, body & heart in ways I didn’t know possible. She made me feel safe and free which allowed me to discover both physical and emotional things I didn’t know I could do before!

Fantastic retreat – I will be coming back!

Amy xx

Wenche is a great teacher, very warm, open, friendly and inspiring which has left me with a strong motivation to continue my Yoga practice.


Wenche’s Yoga is the most grounding, down to earth spiritual practice one can ask for. Fluid and light; a rebirth for sure!

Annelise x

Time to be quiet and still, but plenty of laughter and joy mixed into a wonderful cocktail of yoga and garnished with a stunning villa full of bubbly souls. I’m hooked on my annual retreats to Portugal! I return well nourished and bursting with love. Om shanti from the retreat junkie!

I would like to thank you, Wenche, for the Yoga Life Retreat in June this year. I booked the weekend spontaneously, because of my growing interest in yoga and your Thursday morning class and I really didn’t know what to expect. Although I didn’t really realize it at the time, I was claiming some time for myself to look after myself, which is something I haven’t really ever done. The Ashram was perfect in its simplicity, it’s peace and calm and wonderful sense of love and security. I made new friends, thanks in particular to the car-share journey there and back, sharing the garden chalet with four others and the hilarious night-time hike up to the Tour on Sunday night! Being at the Ashram gave me distance from my day-to-day responsibilities and so enabled me to begin to look at my life. I don’t mind saying that it was an overwhelming and deeply emotional weekend for me, which I now realize was the first step to me finding out who I really am. Since the retreat, I practice my yoga as often as I can, I meet with my new Yoga Life friends and I’ve started talking to a counsellor, recommended by you Wenche. I am beginning to feel a lot more relaxed and at ease with myself and my life. 

It is no exaggeration to say that yoga and the Yoga Life Retreat have changed my life.

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the wonderful meditation and healing session I had with you last week. I had been searching for somewhere local I could go to for this and am so excited to have found such a perfect place. It’s been a really tough month for me with losing my job and other bad things happening but since leaving you on Tuesday things have turned around and I’ve had such an amazing week!

The difference I’ve felt in my body and mind was incredible from just one hour with you and I think I’ve been able to really put the law of attraction into practice! So I can’t thank you enough and am very much looking forward to continuing my meditation with you.

The retreat was professionally run in superb surroundings. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have not laughed as much in a long time. I have no hesitation in recommending the experience to anyone. Bring your sense of fun and a willingness to try something new and I am certain that you will leave with a new perspective on life and an improved ability to make the most of everything that it has to offer. Everyone should do this at least once in their busy lives. Many thanks again for an entertaining, insightful and fun experience.


The retreat was an incredible experience in beautiful surroundings with wonderful  teachers who take you on a wonderful journey. I met amazing people and experienced a real sense of personal growth and self-awareness: left with a sense of peace, knowing and wonder at it all. It has left me with experiences and feelings I shall never forget. I feel truly blessed to have been part of it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get closer to who they truly are.


I joined you on the Yoga Portugal retreat in May 2012 yet the experience and memories are very much with me, many months later. To spend 7 days amongst like-minded souls, sharing yoga, laughter and the joys of Portuguese blue skies was amazing! Every element of the retreat is thought through with such care and attention to detail – it makes everyone feel very, very loved and head to toe happy! Thank you X. 


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