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With Wenche Krag Beard

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Born in Norway, Wenche (pronounced Venca) is a global yogini with a wanderlust Soul living and breathing her love for yoga and life. Wenche headed to Los Angeles USA at the young age of 19 where she spent some years before settling in England. She trained as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2000 and now dedicates her yoga classes and her own yoga practice to the journey of joyful living. For Wenche, Yoga is about diving into the very depths of your own self to really experience yourself from within being the best you can be.

Through her yoga teachings she helps others to live bravely, joyfully and passionately, to free themselves from barriers and restrictions, so they can be true to who they really are. Wenche,s belief is that yoga is for everyone no matter age, gender, physical ability, religion or none and she always brings together a bespoke practice to retreats and holidays or in general classes.

Wenche’s teachings are unique and deeply transformative as she does more then just ‘teaching the posture’. She is deeply knowledgeable in the affect the seasons has on our practice as well as the elements and chakra systems hens creating a transformative experience on your yoga mat.

Wenche is the Founder and Director of the Yoga-Life Studio in Eastbourne, England. Wenche opened the doors to The Yoga-Life Studio in 2007. The yoga studio offers a wide variety of yoga styles, meditation and mindful living classes as well as workshops with acclaimed yoga teachers and healers from around the world.

In 2014 Wenche created and started her own yoga school (Yoga Life Teacher Training Program) here in England, a 200h YTT accredited by yoga alliance UK, where she now shares her knowledge and birthing new yoga teachers into the world.

Wenche’s teaching varies from pregnancy yoga, children/teen yoga, restorative yoga, traditionally hatha yoga and has a love affair with Vinjasa Flow Yoga, pranayama and meditation. Wenche has taken yoga out into her community and the world and have worked in many different countries and cultures, schools/universities, prisons and in mental health using yoga as a tool for transformation. She continues to educate herself with the legendary Shiva Rea and other acclaimed yoga teachers from all over the world. She says that when we begin to really listen to our hearts and move our beautiful bodies our yoga becomes the compass that takes us home to who we really are. By practicing her bespoke and creative yoga flow Wenche feels alive, vibrant and ‘juicy!’ Wenche is whole heartedly and completely passionate about everything she does and her energy is contagious, she will bring you an array of experiences and take you into a vibrant and delicious practice. Her practice is meaningful; sprinkled with lots of fun making your Soul dance and your heart sing, an experience you will never forget.

Wenche has worked with many acclaimed yoga organisations all over the world and is very much loved by the yoga community.

“Yoga is alchemy; this ancient teaching is a finely tuned medicine from which leads to a more joyful way of living” Wenche Beard

“The body is so beautiful, live in it! If we listen to the poetry of our body be become touched by the magic that is alive within us, not just in some of us but all of us…we just need to find it…connect with this mysterious awareness of shimmering energy that undulate through our inner universe and moves us into action and dive into the flow of living magically saturated in joy expressing a whole hearted experience of yourself.” Wenche Beard

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